Welcome! Atomic Foods is all about helping others reach attainable and sustainable health goals. The more you know about how food and body movement affect our bodies, the more we can make informed choices. Through my courses, I can help you live a happier, healthier life!

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“Sam is the BEST! Not only does she provide useful and structured information for healthier habits/weight loss, but she also breaks things down for you to easily understand & offers helpful tips and ideas.”

- Terah W.

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Certified Yoga Instructor

As an ISSA Certified Yoga Instructor, we can practice together to help our bodies to be more aligned, fluid and grounded.

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Certified Nutrition Coach

National Academy of Sports Medicine Certified Nutrition Coach focusing on helping others go plant based/vegan and endurance athletes.

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Restaurant Consultant

With over 20 years of restaurant/bar management experience, I have invaluable knowledge that can help your restaurant/bar succeed. Whether writing menus, training staff, my proprietary inventory/pricing system, or help setting up POS systems, I offer it all.

Hi! I’m Samantha Green. Here’s a bit about me and my journey to health!